What is a posture corrector?

A posture correction brace helps in improving the body posture. It is used by people with poor lower back alignment. Posture braces are generally designed to be soft and comprise of nylon straps.

How do posture corrector braces work?

Posture Corrector Braces are designed to counteract the tendencies to slouch and hunch. When you sit with slouching in your seat for extended periods of time, the soft muscle tissues tighten across your lower back to a poor posture. Posture braces help alleviate those muscles and get you back on track to having the natural posture that everyone strives for.

For how long should you a wear posture corrector?

This back brace posture corrector helps straighten up your back, improve and correct your posture, and lessen waist discomfort or lower back pain. Short term and long term results can be effectively seen upon constant use. It is recommended to wear the device for at least eight hours a day for your tissues to adapt to holding a position in the correct posture.

Why Is a Correct Posture So Important?

Using correct posture and keeping your spine in alignment are the most important things you can do for your back. The muscles in your lower back undergo tremendous stress when you are slouching over your desk. In time, you may develop chronic neck and lower back pain. The posture corrector prevents you from slouching and helps you keep a healthy posture at all times.

Is It Difficult to Wear a Posture Corrector?

The back support is very easy to put on and wear. In time, you will forget that you have it under or over your shirt. This accessory is meant to help you maintain a healthy posture. As you get accustomed to sitting at the desk without slouching, you will not even feel the pull of the back stretcher.

How Can I Make Sure that the Back Brace Fits Me?

The posture corrector for men and for women is available with many points of adjustments. Thus, it fits many body types. All you have to do is pull the straps tighter or loosen them. The ideal fit is when the posture brace is tight on your body, but without restraining your movements.

Can I Wear a Back Posture Corrector When I Sleep?

No, we do not recommend wearing the posture corrector in bed. As you turn around in sleep, you may strain a muscle or cut off blood circulation. This posture correction accessory is recommended for when you go to work or exercise in the gym.

Does It Hurt to Wear a Posture Corrector for the First Time?

No, this accessory is designed to give you a correct posture and feel comfortable at the same time. You should not feel pain or undue pressure on your knees and lower back. If you feel any pain, you should readjust the posture corrector to a looser fit.